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The Certainty Principle

A frequent complaint from would-be investors is that “uncertainty” is what keeps them out of the financial markets. “I’ll stay in cash until the direction becomes clearer,” they will say.” So when has there ever been total clarity?

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Connecting the Dots

Human beings love stories. But this innate tendency can lead us to imagine connections between events where none really exist. For financial journalists, this is a virtual job requirement. For investors it can be a disaster.

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Why Should You Diversify?

Equity markets have experienced a sharp decline to start 2016, leading some investors to reevaluate their asset allocation. As US stocks have outperformed developed ex US and emerging markets stocks over the last few years, some investors might consider reevaluating the benefits of investing outside the US.

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What is Fiduciary Advice?

Anyone searching for investment advice is undoubtedly confronted with many choices of service providers operating under titles such as certified financial planner, financial
consultant, registered investment advisor, stockbroker, and insurance agent.

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