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Start Here to Chart Your Course to Retirement

WHY: To help you evaluate the value of our services and make an informed decision about hiring our firm.

WHAT: A retirement assessment free of charge. Before even investing a penny in our services, we’ll show you, step by step, how we can improve your retirement success.

WHO: Savvy savers who have accumulated at least $500,000 in investment and retirement assets (not including real estate).

Icon-No Commitment or Cost Gig Harbor,WA, Pacific Asset Management

No Commitment or Cost

To make an informed decision, we show you exactly how we’d help before you pay us a penny.

Icon-3 Questions to Ask Gig Harbor,WA, Pacific Asset Management

3 Critical Answers

After we chart your course, you will finish with answers to the three biggest questions about retirement.

Icon-15-minute call Gig Harbor,WA, Pacific Asset Management

15-Minute Call

The very first step is a 15-minute phone call with our team.

Chart Your Course to Retirement In Five Simple Steps


A 15-minute phone call will give us both a chance to make sure your situation matches our expertise. After all, you wouldn’t go to the dentist if you actually had a heart issue—likewise, we’ll be transparent about how we can help. If we aren’t right for your situation, we’ll help guide you to someone who is.

Schedule Your 15-Minute Call

During this call, we’ll see if our expertise and services can meet your needs.

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Have a Few More Questions? We Have Answers...

Who do you work with?

How does Pacific Asset Management make money?

Do you offer an hourly or one-time project fee option?

How are you different than other financial advisors?

Why should I consider hiring Pacific Asset Management?

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