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Taking Care of Your Finances

So You Can Focus on Your Life

Straightforward Solutions

To Make the Most of Your Wealth Throughout Retirement

Retirement Solution Gig Harbor, WA Pacific Asset Management
Retirement Planning Gig Harbor, WA Pacific Asset Management

Our Approach:


When it comes to implementing your strategies, we’ll serve as a single point of contact. Our team will advocate for your financial well-being and collaborate with a select network of estate planners, lawyers and more to carry out solutions that are integrated and tax-aware.


Would you be happy if you purchased a car that a salesman pushed on you to make a commission—only to find out that it did not pass safety tests? Neither would we. Our investment philosophy is based on academic studies, so your wealth is securely managed according to sufficient data rather than commission-based products.


When you work with us, you can expect a comfortable atmosphere and a desire to truly get to know you. Many of our clients become like friends and family, and we strive to treat them as such by crafting strategies entirely personalized to their concerns, goals and values.

Organize | Optimize | Oversee

You deserve to have peace of mind that allows you to devote attention to your life, family and passions. We take care of the ins and outs of your finances so you can live your life knowing you’re on the right financial track.

Our Comprehensive Services Include

Investment Management

We aim to simplify the investing process for you, designing an evidence-based strategy that is personalized to you. Our team will construct a well-balanced portfolio based on your goals and risk tolerance. We focus on capturing the long-term gains from the market rather than timing the market.

Retirement Planning

Leading up to retirement can bring about many financial questions. We’ll work closely with you to understand your lifestyle vision, facilitating all necessary changes so that you are financially supported throughout your entire retirement.

Social Security Timing

When and how you claim Social Security benefits can have a significant impact on your outcomes. We’ll help you determine when to draw Social Security, what type of pension benefits to take and how to do so in the most tax-efficient way.

Retirement Income Planning

Our goal is to develop an income plan to help you live comfortably through retirement and do things like travel, give to the community, or pass on an inheritance. We’ll work with you to create a coordinated plan designed to maximize your cash flow while minimizing your taxable income.

Tax Planning

Throughout every aspect of your plan, we take a tax-informed perspective. From your investments to your estate plan and income strategy, we’ll look for ways to help you lower your taxes, so you can do more with the resources you have.

Our Investment Philosophy

Nobody Can Time the Markets | Evidence Based

Investment Philosophy Gig Harbor, WA Pacific Asset Management

With us, your portfolio will be…

  • Well-balanced and invested in all asset classes
  • Strategically allocated and diversified
  • Regularly rebalanced and passively invested
  • Composed of time-tested, academically researched funds through Dimensional Fund Advisors
  • Transform Your Old Investing Ways With “20 Thoughts on a Better Way to Invest”

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Retire Confidently

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