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Pacific Asset Management is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor that adheres to the following core principles:


We operate as SEC Registered Investment Advisor / Advisors because of the requirement to adhere to the fiduciary standard. The interest of our clients is always put ahead of our own interest. This is the highest standard to which investment professionals are held.


We believe in being open and transparent with respect to all relevant client information. Our clients know exactly what our fees are, and every quarter they are apprised of pertinent performance data.


We operate as a fee-only advisory firm. We do not sell products and do not work on a commission basis.  

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Pacific Asset Management was founded in 1998 by Gary Lucy and Don Cox, who owned and operated Cox & Lucy, a tax and accounting business in Port Orchard.

Through the lens of their tax practice, they saw firsthand the problems of the mainstream financial services industry. They saw an industry that was focused on selling products, that was fraught with conflicts of interest, lacked transparency, and that did not operate with a fiduciary responsibility to put their clients’ needs first.

Because they recognized a need for advisor services that were free from these problems, they decided to create their own independent registered investment advisor firm.