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At Pacific Asset Management we work with individuals who share our investment philosophy, who have a long-term perspective and who understand that behavior is the most important determinant of investment results. We spend considerable time getting to know our clients and gaining an understanding of their financial goals.

Individuals and Families

For clients in the accumulative stages of their lives, we help them determine the appropriate savings rate and retirement plan to attain their stated goals.

For clients who have retired or are nearing retirement, we assist them with a variety of retirement issues including appropriate withdrawal rates from their retirement plans, rollover issues and social security planning among other things.

Once goals have been clarified and a plan adopted, we implement an appropriate investment portfolio which is monitored and rebalanced on a regular basis. Our clients are free to meet with us as often as circumstances dictate, but we feel that meeting at least once a year is necessary to keep abreast of changes that happen as life unfolds.

Business Retirement Plans

We work with business owners to determine the most suitable retirement plan for their company and to establish a relationship with a Third Party Administrator.

We help trustees create investment options in their plans that give participants the best chance of reaching their retirement goals while minimizing trustee liability exposure. As a fiduciary, you are legally required to ensure that those options are prudent, that plan fees are reasonable, and that participants are educated about your plan.

By working and interfacing with the plan custodian and Third Party Administrator, we help reduce the burden associated with plan administration. We serve as the primary point of contact for plan participants and any other plan service providers. We answer participants’ questions, deal with loans and distributions, and manage other administrative tasks.